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Nairobi Cosmopolitan Conference (NCC) is an incorporated company by guarantee registered on 15th March 2019 as is the East African Union Limited of SDA.

To have an empowered Christian community for end time harvest for Christ at His second advent.

To lead the people to accepting Christ and nurturing them as committed and loving Christians in the context of the Three Angels Message of Revelation 14:6-12, giving special emphasis on the Present Truth as found in the Spirit of Prophecy (SOP).

NCC is headquartered in Nairobi Kenya and operating from its new offices situated on Kiambere Road, upper Hill, next to Nachu Plaza.

NCC is composed of Adventist Churches as have been or shall be properly organized within Kenya and diaspora, church groups, individuals who will make an application through church groups may be admitted.

The Board of eleven is elected at a Constituent Delegates Meeting and it runs the affairs of the conference for three years until the next Constituent Delegates meeting. The Board currently with 10 directors is supported in its work by a Chief Executive officer and the Ministerial Director and a host of pastors and lay evangelists. The board has full authority to manage and administer property, funds and all other resources of the conference.


To support the mission of NCC, kindly send your donations to any of this payment options:

  1. NCC Mpesa Paybill No. 610044
  2. Banking Details:

Account Name: Nairobi Cosmopolitan Conference

Bank: KCB, University Way Branch

Account No: 1254977066 (Trust Funds) and 1254979182 (Conference Budget & Projects)

Swift Code: KCBLKENX