NAROK - MOSIRO/OLDORKO - Nairobi Cosmopolitan Conference Offices

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Oldorko Sabbath school dates back to 2008. The church building was small when NCC visited there in 2019. A family of Elder Stanley Mokaya built a bigger church that was opened in February 2020. NCC organized an evangelistic campaign of one week. The facilitators were Pr. Stanley Enko, Pr. Parmanyari, Pr. Kupere and the host Pastor Yakobo Lepose. At the end of the evangelistic campaigns the converts were not baptized due to lack of water. However, 16 people were later baptized by Pr. Stanley Enko. The church that was built by Elder Stanley Mokaya and family, created a big impact in the area and many people have promised to donate land for more churches to be built. “The harvest is ready but the reapers are few.” (Mat. 9: 37).